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Brandon Social Security Disability Attorneys Fight to Obtain the SSDI Benefits You Need Quickly

Decades of experience helping Floridians navigate the complex Social Security system and achieve favorable results

Roughly one in five Americans is living with a disability, and one in ten lives with a severe disability. As such, the Social Security Administration (SSA) handles thousands of claims each year. With such a high volume of applicants and a relatively small number of personnel, the system is often backlogged with cases. This means claimants may be forced to wait nearly two years before an administrative law judge hears the case on appeal.

While this is frustrating for most, it is also particularly damaging to some. If you require an immediate hearing to disperse your benefits, the Brandon Social Security Disability attorneys at The Golden Law Group are ready to help. With offices located in Brandon and Bradenton, we are dedicated to obtaining a swift decision in your Social Security Disability case to help you move on with your life in the best possible position.

Helping you understand the Social Security Disability approval process

Once you apply for disability benefits, the decision process may take several months. During the application evaluation, the SSA may require additional information that further lengthens the waiting period. The length of time it takes to analyze your case depends on

  • The nature and type of your disability

  • The availability of your medical records from your doctor and other healthcare providers

  • Whether you are required to undergo additional medical examinations

  • Whether the SSA chooses to evaluate your application for quality purposes

 There may also be a waiting period before your benefits begin. Typically, a five-month waiting period dictates that you receive your first benefit beginning on the six month, after the date of your disability.

Is there any way to expedite the disability benefits process and start receiving benefits faster?

The SSA is often reluctant to let individuals “budge in line.” In order to request an expedited hearing, you must demonstrate one of two conditions:

  • Dire financial need – This type of waiver is available to those who are unable to obtain adequate food, medical care or shelter due to insufficient income. You must demonstrate an immediate threat to your health or safety, such as impending eviction or foreclosure.

  • Terminal illness – This requires documentation from your oncologist or other medical professional. Processing may be delayed if you have recently stopped a particular course of treatment or switched doctors.

Our experienced Brandon disability attorneys work collaboratively to identify and collect all relevant evidence to aid your case. Examples of supporting evidence include medical forms and notices from landlords, mortgage lenders or utility providers. We assist you in composing a dire need letter and, if appropriate, request an on-the-record review, a decision without a hearing.

Aggressive Brandon Social Security Disability lawyers are your staunchest advocates

Expediting a disability benefits decision is not always easy. However, the Brandon Social Security attorneys at The Golden Law Group take every legal measure to strengthen your case and move your claim forward. Contact us at 813-375-0098 or send us an email to determine if you are eligible for an accelerated Social Security Disability hearing. We accept all cases on a contingency basis and your initial consultation is free. Home and hospital visits are available for your convenience.





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