Working with a skilled Bradenton Social Security Disability attorney improves your chances of winning an appeal

When you apply for Social Security disability benefits, the likelihood that your application will initially be denied is very great. A large majority of initial applications are rejected — because of technicalities in the way the application was filed, insufficient medical evidence, a failure to meet the guidelines for benefits, or any number of other reasons.

You can file a new application, but there is a high likelihood that it will also be rejected. The best thing you can do is to file a Request for Reconsideration, which is the first stage in the appeals process. Unfortunately, a high number of Requests for Reconsideration are also rejected. Therefore, it is critical that you work with a knowledgeable Bradenton Social Security disability attorney to improve your chances of overturning the decision and getting the benefits you need. The Bradenton Soical Security Disability attorneys at The Golden Law Group are ready to fight for you. Trust us to put together the very best SSD case for you.

When to file a Request for Reconsideration of benefits

Sometimes, you can file a Request for Reconsideration with the same information included in your original application, if your application was rejected for technical reasons. Our Bradenton SSD lawyers carefully review your application, fix the technical errors, then resubmit it with the Request for Reconsideration.

In most cases, you will need to provide new information with your Request for Reconsideration. For example, you may need to visit a new doctor for an evaluation and obtain more information about your condition. If you suffer from a new impairment, or your condition has worsened, you will need to include information about that as well.

Our Bradenton Social Security disability attorneys review your file and talk with you about your medical condition to uncover all pertinent information to bolster your case. You may have inadvertently left out important information that undermined your case, and we’ll help you put together an appeal that will make a strong case for your benefits.

You only have 60 days to file your Request for Reconsideration, so you must act quickly.

Options for challenging non-medical reasons

Your initial application can be rejected for non-medical reasons, as well. For example, your application can be denied because you did not work long enough to qualify for benefits; because you were also denied other benefits, such as retirement benefits; or because you disagree that you received an overpayment for benefits.

Our attorneys concentrate on Social Security disability law, and we help you understand the legal challenges and find solutions. For example, we may be able to challenge the appeal of other benefits, or we may be able to prove that your previous payments were not in error.

Work with an experienced Bradenton SSD lawyer to successfully fight for Social Security Disability benefits reconsideration

Don’t be deterred if you are rejected for your initial application for Social Security disability benefits. Call The Golden Law Group to work with a Bradenton Social Security disability attorney to fight the rejection and start the appeals process. Our firm has a track record of success helping clients get the disability benefits they deserve.

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