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Many individuals with disabilities have very little knowledge regarding Social Security Disability benefits. Therefore, the Brandon Social Security lawyers at The Golden Law Group are here to provide you with the answer to basic and frequently asked questions regarding Social Security Disability benefits.

What is the difference between Social Security Disability Income (SSD/SSDI) benefits and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits?

SSD and SSI are completely separate government programs. SSD benefits are offered to disabled individuals who have earned enough income to have their benefits covered, at least in part, through contributions they have made through FICA Social Security taxes – one of the withholding taxes you see on your paycheck. There is often a significant waiting period before SSD benefits are received. SSI benefits are offered to individuals with little to no income. Therefore, many people eligible for SSI benefits are also eligible for Medicare and food stamps. Individuals who receive SSI benefits will generally receive them much sooner.

How do I qualify for SSD or SSDI benefits?

Especially for SSD benefits, and sometimes SSDI benefits, the process for qualifying can prove complex. Applications, medical reports, and income information can take time and energy to compile. Learn more about qualifying for benefits here.

How will my disability be determined?

In Florida, the Division of Disability Determination will decide whether you are disabled and eligible for benefits. Again, this is a complex process involving a number of factors and lots of information. Among the factors the Division will look at: whether you are working, and for how long; if you condition meets a disability listing; and the severity of your condition.

Do I need a lawyer to obtain SSD or SSDI benefits?

In an ideal world with a fair and efficient government bureaucracy, you would simply submit an application and your benefits would start arriving in a short amount of time. Unfortunately, this is not the way the process goes for too many applicants. With complex processes and requirements, it is advisable to obtain competent legal counsel. Learn more about why you may need a lawyer to obtain SSD or SSDI benefits here.

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You have questions about SSD and SSI benefits, and especially the process for obtaining those benefits. Therefore, we urge you to call our dedicated Brandon Social Security Disability Income lawyers as soon as possible. At The Golden Law Group, our Brandon SSI Lawyers help you understand your options, assist you in preparing your application, and aggressively represent your throughout all stages of the claims process. For a free initial consultation, contact us online or call us at (813) 375-0098. We have offices in Brandon and Bradenton for your convenience.





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