A Brandon Social Security disability lawyer can help you understand your rights and fight for the benefits you need

The Social Security Administration provides benefits to support those who have become so severely injured or ill that they are no longer able to work in a capacity to support themselves. Some examples of qualifying disabilities include mental illness like schizophrenia or a physical injury that causes chronic and debilitating back pain.

Many believe that applying for benefits is an easy and straight-forward process. They think that they just have to fill out the application and provide the information requested. The truth is that applying for benefits is often much more complicated, and applications are routinely rejected even for minor technicalities.

A skilled Brandon Social Security disability lawyer from The Golden Law Group can help you understand what’s needed to properly apply for, or appeal for benefits. By working with one of our attorneys, you significantly increase your chances of success in getting disability benefits.

Why are Social Security disability benefits so often denied?

  • Filling out the complicated application form incorrectly or leaving off information
  • Making too much money to qualify (even if you now make significantly less than you did before your injury or illness)
  • Failing to provide the proper documentation from medical professionals
  • Failing to meet the guidelines for the severity of the disability


The Social Security Administration uses a complex set of criteria to determine whether a disability is severe enough to qualify for benefits. Some conditions qualify outright, such as becoming a paraplegic. However, with other conditions, you have to prove that the disability or illness has affected you so severely that you are unable to work.

There is a great deal of room for interpretation when classifying your disability, which is why it is so important to work with a Brandon Social Security disability lawyer from our firm. Our attorneys will work with medical professionals to review your case and provide testimony about the severity of your disability. With the right medical evidence on your side, you will get the benefits you need.

How our Brandon Social Security lawyers can help you

Our Social Security disability attorneys have been successfully representing clients in appeals cases for many years. Our attorneys review your case and identify the reasons why your application was denied. It may be that you made some simple errors on the application, but it may be that you need to provide more medical evidence to support your claims. We effectively develop your application and gather all the documentation you need, including medical records. In addition, we make new appointments with specialists, and call on medical experts to testify on your behalf or provide written testimony. By working with us, you are much more likely to get the benefits you need. You can avoid additional stages of appeal and save yourself a lot of time and lose money.

Get the disability benefits you need by working with one of our experienced Brandon SSD attorneys

The Social Security attorneys at The Golden Law Firm are dedicated to getting results. We don’t charge an upfront fee for our services. Rather, we collect a percentage of the amount we collect for you. Call us today at (941) 782-1209 to schedule a free consultation or use our secure, online form. We’re ready to help you get the benefits you need and have offices in Brandon and Bradenton for your convenience.




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