Social Security reform has been a hotly debated issue for years. As the government continues to increase the national debt, the benefits the disabled receive are now in great danger of getting cut dramatically. Politicians are using the issue as a political stance to gain advantage in the upcoming elections.

Cutting benefits of the disabled seems like an inhumane thing to do. Anyone on Social Security Disability (SSD) is well aware that the benefits do not provide recipients with anything close to a life of luxury. They provide recipients merely with a life of existence. Unfortunately, the public perception is far from the reality. People that work and pay taxes are against these benefits until they find themselves in need of the benefits themselves. Brandon SSD attorneys are taking action to protect these benefits from putting those that are most in need from being put into a dire situation. Political activism is the only way of preventing these changes from harming the wellbeing of SSD recipients.

The current proposed cuts would take 20% off from the benefits that recipients receive. For almost any American, a 20% cut in earnings would put them in a dismal situation financially. SSD recipients are already living below the poverty line and a 20% reduction would truly put them in peril. Brandon SSD attorneys are unsure how many of their clients would be able to maintain any sort of standard of living should these cuts take place. This dramatic cut in benefits would leave benefits recipients in more physical and mental harm than they already suffer.

This 2016 election is going to be a make or break for whether the proposed cuts go into effect. A Republican house, senate and white house would most likely mean the cuts to go into law. Only time will tell whether SSD recipients are going to be put into a dire financial situation.

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