There are some situations in which Social Security may pay you less if you have income from other sources. Read on to learn more about how Social Security Disability is influenced by your pension plan. As you may already know, Social Security provides payments when you are disabled and unable to work.

How your disability payment amount is determined

The amount you are calculated to receive is determined by your work history, but the payment amount may also be reduced if you have other types of income. Some pension payments could leave you with a smaller social security disability check. The majority of individuals eligible for pensions will not see any influence on their Social Security disability benefits. The key factor in this situation is whether or not you’ve had to pay Social Security taxes on the earnings which allowed you to receive benefits from your pension. The majority of government jobs and private businesses mean your earnings are already subject to tax withholding for Social Security purposes, so any pension money you receive as a result will not influence your disability benefits.

There are some government employers, however, like local or state government agencies, not required to withhold Social Security taxes from employee pay. In these situations, your Social Security disability benefits may be reduced. The process of determining the amount of the deduction is a complicated one, and should be discussed with our skilled Brandon Social Security disability attorney. There are online tables available to determine the amount of maximum possible deductions, but given that there are so many factors at play in determining this ultimate amount, it is in your best interest to discuss it directly with our knowledgeable Brandon disability attorney.

If you aren’t disabled, but your spouse has been classified as disabled, you may also be eligible for benefits under Social Security disability. There are separate offsets that could apply to the amount received if you do have a pension from a position where you did not ever pay into the Social Security tax system. Discuss your Social Security disability concerns directly with our Brandon disability attorney by calling 813-375-0098 or contact us online.